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Good Housekeeping Cover October 1950

Good Housekeeping Cover October 1950

  • $ 000

Good Housekeeping Cover October 1950. 


This Is One Of The Covers Of GoodHouseKeeping Magazines That Our Good Friends, S & S Of Michigan, Sent To Us For Our Protex Museum. There Are Five Magazines From 1949- 1956. Some Ads From The Mags Which They Sent To Us Have Been Uploaded And Show Signs Of A Very Special Period, That Period Following The War-The Big One- Where Baby Boomers Were Born And Lived, Including Yours Truly. So Kick Back And Relax And Remember Those Days Of Yesteryear, When Hope Sprang Eternal And Life In The Fast Lane Was Someplace In The Future. A Future That Would Leave 18 Cents A Gallon Gas In Our Rear View Mirrors, Those Mirrors (Found Only INSIDE Our Vehicles) Which Were Attached To Our 57 Chevy, Complete With Tail Fins With A Set Of Dice Hanging From Said Mirror. Remember Fender Skirts? How About Poodle Skirts? Soda Fountains Anyone? Coke Was A Refreshing Beverage. Etc., Etc.,. 

I Think You Get The Message, So Enjoy These Ads From Our Friends, And If You Do, Why Not Drop Us A Line, Since A Stamp Only Cost 3 Cents And You May Even Know Your Postmans Name! 


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