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Playtex HAPPY Pants circa 1953

Playtex HAPPY Pants circa 1953

  • $ 000

International Latex Corporation…Playtex Park…Dover Deleware…Playtex LTD, Montreal, Canada. Circa 1953 


Advertizement Reads: 

Announcing GAY NEW Playtex HAPPY Pants. Non-Allergenic, New Charm, New Texture, Adorable Pattern, Irresistable Colors! 

5 Lollypop Colors For A Smart Wardrobe Choice! 
Mix And Match With Baby's Every Outfit. 

No Baby Pants More Comfortable! 
No Baby Pants More Charming! 

Nothing In This World Compares With The Dainty Gossamer Texture, Adorable Colors And Lovely Charm Of These New PLAYTEX HAPPY PANTS. 

Only PLAYTEX HAPPY PANTS Are Made With Actual Texture, Color And Pattern Right In The Tissue-Like Creamy Liquid Latex, Can't Fade, Crack Or Peel. 

This Playtex Miracle-Stretch Material Is So Sheer, It's Transparent, Yet It's So Amazingly Strong, It Stretches To Over Four Times Its Size! That's Why It Can't Bind, Chafe Or Irritate, Yet Its Protection Is Perfect! 

Give Your Baby What No Ordinary Baby Pants Will Give-The Long Lasting Waterproof, Happy Comfort Of Cool-Vented, Flower-Scented PLAYTEX HAPPY PANTS. .95 Cents Ea., Or 3 For $2.94. 

At Your Favorite Department Stores Fr Wherever Baby Needs Are Sold. 

More Mothers Buy PLAYTEX Than Any Other Make

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