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Playtex Panties Circa 1952

Playtex Panties Circa 1952

  • $ 000

International Latex Corporation. Manufactures Of Playtex Garments. 


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Adverstisement Reads: 
I Am "Socially Acceptable" When Passed Fro Knee To Knee. My Manners Are Impeccable, With Playtex Under Me! 

These Pants Are Cool And Comfortable, As Every Bab Knows. They Keep Him Feeling Happy…And They Fortify His Clothes. So Soft And Thim And Seamless…They're Light And Never Chafe! I Laugh And Coo In Comfort, For I Know I'm "Sittin' Safe"! A Soapy Rinse…They're Patted Dry…No Waits…They're Fresh And Clean! I'll Always Speak For Playtex As My Social Go-Between! 

Baby Pants Made Of Creamy Liquid Latex To Prevent Binding And Chafing, Three Styles; Four Sizes: Demi-Tosse, Small, Medium And Large. White And Pink. Your Nearest Store Also Sells Playtex Dress-Length Bibs In Five Gay Nursery Colors; And Waterproof Sheets (In Three Sizes) For Peaceful Sleep! Send For A Free Booklet Of Unusual Names For Your Precious Baby.

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