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3 Pak Original (OUT) Gerber Infant TODDLER

  • $ 5995

OUT! See what you missed!.....Gerber Toddlers in their original bags! Can you believe it? Yes indeed, now you can have a piece of history of your very own. None other like this in the USA, Europe, South America, Canada or anywhere. NONE.

Look for our other listing of Original Gerbers in XL. We have nine individuals left and not packaged.

Anyone, anywhere, will tell you collectors look for and must have items in their original boxes, bags or display and in doing so they know to get them packaged like this comes with a price.

But now you will have something to crow about. Go ahead and order now for these are limited. Very limited.

Labels From Malaysia, Philippines, Mexico And Other Nations Including A Few From The USA. We Cannot Guarantee Which Label You Will Receive. 

OUT....All are TODDLER....OUT.

If you wish to order 3 Paks better do it now for this is a first come-first serve order.

$59.95 for a 3 Pak (OUT)

After this we will only a few left, perhaps a half dozen in size X-Large but they are not packaged.  After that all these will be history, never again to be obtained.

For Collectors: From Our Protex Museum: Never Before Offered Original Gerber Plastic Baby Pants. These Are In A Package. Original Gerber Plastic Baby Pants In TODDLER Size. Toddler Fits 18-35 Pounds. Now You Can Have One Of These Iconic And Historical Baby Pants To Add To Your Collection. 

Compliments Of Our Good Friend, "THE Southern Doc." 

You Will Receive 3 Pants Either From The 70'S, 80'S Or 90'S. NOT MADE FOR ADULTS. 

* Quality Pull-On Vinyl Pants. 
* Comfort 
* Content 
* Satisfaction 

OUT!. See what you missed.....From Our Museum. 

Not To Be Worn. 

These Are Packaged. 

Toddlers, Fits Babies 18-35 Pounds Only. 

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