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Enema Bag by PROTEX #250

Enema Bag by PROTEX #250

  • $ 9995

Item #250.


This Is An Enema Bag and has enema Attachment! 

Open Top Translucent Silicone Enema Bag. VERY LARGE: 3 Quart Capacity. That's Right Now You Can Obtain Old Old Fashioned Open Top Translucent Silicone Enema Bags From Protex. Bag And Hose With Enema Attachment. This Item Has A Flexable Translucent Silicone Rubber Hose. 

No More Plastic Tubing To Fight With. All Translucent Silicone Rubber. All The Time! 

This Is A Enema Bag With A Rubber Hose That Is 4 Feet Long. One Applicator For An Enema Just Like You Have Asked/Pleaded For Us To Stock. 

Why Not Get Yours Today? Discreetly Packaged And Shipped. 
This Is Item #250. 

One Size: 3 Quart Capacity.

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