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Protex Thin Stretchy BRIGHT YELLOW Latex Sheeting #189

  • $ 7990


Exclusive: This Is Our Own Thin Stretchy BRIGHT YELLOW (sometimes Golden Yellow or Yellow Gold which can be darker in color) Latex Sheeting. 

.30mm THIN! 

Many Will Place This Latex Sheet Under Regular Cotton Sheets To Help Protect The Bed. You Can Keep The Latex Sheeting From Sliding By Taping All Four Corners. Then Tape Twice On Each Side Of The Latex Sheeting Using Strong Clear Packaging Tape. The Tape Peels Off When You Need To Wash The Other Sheets And You Can Wipe Down Your Yellow Latex Sheet With A Clean Wash Cloth Using Clear Clean Cold Water. Retape. 

That's 6 Feet Long And Over 3 Feet Wide. 

Thickness: .20 Millimeters 
Width: Approximately 39 Inches 
Length: Approximately 72 Inches

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