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Priva FiberLinks (OUT) CLEAR Plastic Pants #133

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 OUT of all sizes

 "Item #133."

 Soft Full Cut see-through Panty Brief. This Is A Special offer to you, our fantastic customers. 

 So Try it Today And When You Do, We Think You Will Be Coming Back For More great offers from your friends at Protex. 

NEW stock now available!

Priva-FiberLinks Plastic Pants.

Why Not? 

We Are Once Again Producing Priva-FiberLinks Plastic Pants. 
And They Only Weigh 2oz Each! That's Right; Lightweight And With Sewn Elastic Waist And Leg Bands Which Combine A Plastic Panty. Sewn Side Seams. Crotch Is Moderately Wide. 

Sizes Are As Follows And The Descriptions Are That Of Waist And Leg Bands Unstretched And Stretched: 

Small Waist ( 20"-28") (OUT)
Waist Unstretched; 25" 
Waist Stretched: 38" 
Legs Unstretched:14" 
Legs Stretched: 23" 

Medium Waist ( Fits 26"-34") 
Waist Unstretched; 24" 
Waist Stretched: 42" 
Legs Unstretched: 14" 
Legs Stretched: 24" 

Large Waist ( Fits 34"-42") 
Waist Unstretched; 26" 
Waist Stretched: 48" 
Legs Unstretched: 16" 
Legs Stretched: 26" 

XL Waist ( 42"-48")
Waist Unstretched; 26" 
Waist Stretched: 50" 
Legs Unstretched: 16" 
Legs Stretched: 28"

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