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Priva FiberLinks CLEAR ($10.95) Plastic Pants #133

  • $ 1095
  • Save $ 200

THIS IS ITEM #133 (Budget Pants)

Medium, Large and X-Large all for only $10.95 each!

 New stock now available!

For those of you on a budget:

Priva-FiberLinks Plastic Pants. Has Anyone Ever Heard Of A Price This Low, So Low It Appears We Are Giving These Away? Why Not Purchase A Boatload Of ThesE Today And Give Them Away To Your Friends As Christmas Presents? 

Indeed, Why Not? 

We Are Once Again Producing Priva-FiberLinks Plastic Pants For Those Of You On A Budget. 
And They Only Weigh 2oz Each! That's Right; Lightweight And With Sewn Elastic Waist And Leg Bands Which Combine A Plastic Panty At A Very Reasonable Price. Sewn Side Seams. Crotch Is Moderately Wide. 

Sizes Are As Follows And The Descriptions Are That Of Waist And Leg Bands Unstretched And Stretched: 

Again, these are for those of you who are watching your pennies. These are NOT to be compared to any of our official PROTEX pants.

Small Waist ( 20"-28") 
Waist Unstretched; 25" 
Waist Stretched: 38" 
Legs Unstretched:14" 
Legs Stretched: 23" 

Medium Waist ( Fits 26"-34") 
Waist Unstretched; 24" 
Waist Stretched: 42" 
Legs Unstretched: 14" 
Legs Stretched: 24" 

Large Waist ( Fits 34"-42") 
Waist Unstretched; 26" 
Waist Stretched: 48" 
Legs Unstretched: 16" 
Legs Stretched: 26" 

XL Waist ( 42"-48")
Waist Unstretched; 26" 
Waist Stretched: 50" 
Legs Unstretched: 16" 
Legs Stretched: 28"

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